What do you mean, there are no good people?

I suspect there are people that end up here simply because the title ticks them off and really, that's ok. You can find some of my blogs about why I think there are no good people here but more importantly I think what you need to know is that I didn't come up with the concept on my own. I have, for several years now, been arguing this point, the TRUTH that there are no good people and it wasn't until a few days ago that I felt like the Father confirmed it for me. You'd think this would have come to mind long before now, especially since this site has been up for more than a year (maybe even two; time flies ya know). Anyway, let me explain the confirmation to you.

This will of course require that you have some Scriptural knowledge; if you do then I guess you won't need to read the next section but if not, I wanted to make sure you were on equal footing for the purpose of comprehension. Here's the verse that blew open my eyes only a few days ago, "And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call me good? No one is good except God alone." (Mark 10:18- ESV). Similar (if not exactly the same) statements are found in: Luke 18:19 and Matthew 19:17. Therefore I submit to you that if Jesus, Himself, didn't want to be considered good, if He said specifically that no one is good, then this blog title is dead on, there are no good people! Hope that answers your questions! Even people who don't believe Jesus is the Son of God will ascribe to the belief that He was a good person, but Jesus said only God is good. Are you God? (If you said, yes, just then, I suspect you need to be on a more therapeutic site than this one)
Listen, I know that we want to believe that we are good, that we do good things, that we are good to other people and the environment, but all one need do is pose to you this question, "Would it be ok if we watched a video containing your thought life?" That would end any argument you have about being good, if you're honest that is, and if you're not, well that proves the point too doesn't it? I mean, aren't dishonest people liars? Are liars good? Look, I'm no apologist and I won't even pretend to be. I do on occasion logic my way through things, deduce the reason I feel, believe and act the ways that I do, but no amount of theological debate, doctrinal discussion or dissertation style diatribe is going to win you over. So I won't even try.

What I will tell you is that being neutral on the subject of salvation is not an option. So whether you want to grab a hold of the there are no good people reins, or shrug them off is irrelevant to me; what's more important is that whether you know it or not, you've already made the decision that alters eternity. Jesus told us that if we weren't for Him we were against Him (Matthew 12:30). You can't be neutral; you can think you are, you can deceive yourself into believing you are but you can't really be, that's simply not an option and you don't have to believe that, but it doesn't make it untrue. Your position on Jesus is not gray; there's no middle ground here. He is the Savior; He is your Savior or He isn't and if He isn't, you're in more despair than your deceitful heart wants you to realize. Yes, I said it, our hearts lie to us, the world tells us to listen to them because the world lies to us, the world lies to us because it is under the dominion (currently) of the prince of the air, the prince of the air is the devil and the devil is a liar. I hope you followed that and I hope you'll follow this blog right into the arms of Jesus who wants to save you, died to do so and is just waiting for you to ask Him to, but first, you have to realize you're not a good person because there are no good people!

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