Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Serious Survivalist Skills

We've spoken before about the Pennsylvania police officers whom were ambushed. One was injured and the other was killed. In our previous discussion, they were still uncertain as to whom they were looking for. I called him a cowardly cop killer. Apparently, he's a planned perpetrator with serious survivalist skills. Feel free to read the article here.

So, they're looking for this guy, Eric Frein, in the Poconos Mountains. There's a lot of rugged terrain, cliffs, and even wetlands in the area. Frein is a self-trained survivalist and some experts are thinking he can't handle it that long. They are saying that he'll run out of food, or that the thermal-imaging equipment will detect his presence. However, they are also admitting that he may have a bunch of homemade bunkers out there where he's stored supplies.

Obviously this guy had planned his attack and therefore the potential for him to be more prepared than they realize is great. Besides, how long are they really going to invest 100s of men searching the mountains for this guy? I know that they're cops and therefore the camaraderie and bond is great, but there are other things that need attending to as well. I suspect this Frein character, if he planned properly, might just have enough stuff to outlast their efforts given time constraints and the financial burden. However, I also anticipate that there will be bounty hunters ready to pounce on him for the reward money if not just for the notoriety.

So, where's the Spiritual tie in here? I guess I could go down a couple of avenues. I could discuss the
fact that sin will eventually be exposed no matter how hard we try to hide it and even if it's not, guess what, it leads to death. Essentially, either Frein will get caught or he'll die out there alone. I could remind you that running from our guilt doesn't erase it. It's impossible to hide from God. He doesn't need thermal imaging technology to know your location even in the deepest, darkest forest or most atrocious mosquito-infested swamp. You cannot hide from His view.

If we realize that no sin is truly hidden, then it would behoove us to get on our knees and take ownership of our faults and failures. Let Him cleanse you from those atrocities. He can make you white as snow. More importantly, He wants to. Bring your murderous deeds to His feet and watch Him heal all your hurts.

Father, help us realize that we can't sin bigger than You can forgive. Remind us that we need You and that we can't hide from You. Cleanse us and bring us to our knees when necessary. We ask these things in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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