Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Face it...

This is a topic that regularly comes up in conversation, particularly when discussing Faith with a non-believer. We tend to view our lives on a scale of 1 to 10. A one in this grand scheme of things would be a Charles Manson, or Jack the Ripper, or some other atrocious villain. A ten on the scale would be someone like Mother Teresa or in some people's minds, Princess Di. However, our Father has no such scale, there is no spectrum of goodness as He looks down on us from on high.
     The only scale He considers is the one set by His Son, and that's really no scale at all since the Messiah was and is absolutely perfect. So, when the King of all existence sees us measly mortals, the Scriptures say He's too pure to even look on our vileness (Habakkuk 1:13). We are also told that all sin looks the same to Him, it's all scarlet , crimson (Isaiah 1:18), basically it looks like blood, perhaps because it is our sin that created the need for the shedding of His blood.
     While certainly there are non-believers walking around thinking they are good people, there are also those of the Faith that traverse this planet thinking they are better people. Some believers have taken a position that implies some sins are worse than others. This is simply not the case (as pointed out in the previous Scriptures). We are told that all have fallen short (Romans 3:23), that we all have messed up royally and it's only by the Grace of the King that we're saved (Ephesians 2:8).
We're not saved because we messed up less than Charles Manson, indeed if he were to have a change of heart and come to the Faith, in truth, the Father would welcome him with open arms and the angels would rejoice (Luke 15:10). No body is any worse a sinner than anyone else - the bottom line is that we all suck and we are all in need of Savior, the Father knew it and that's why He sacrificed Himself, period.

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