Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fear and Compassion Rarely Meet

People are freaking out about these potential mega-viruses, these plagues that seem to have suddenly attacked our reality. In fact, there's a ship docked in Louisiana right now that has people fearful. Apparently, it's come from Africa, in the general vicinity of the place that's experiencing an Ebola outbreak. Feel free to read the article here.

There were people on board who were sick, one of whom had to be transported off the ship prior to it even arriving in the port because the necessity for treatment was so high. This severity of illness has doctors concerned that Ebola might show up here. Of course, the CDC is saying the risk is low but they did accept this patient in their HAZMAT suits as a precautionary

I want you to realize, that fear and compassion rarely meet. I suspect that those working on this sick individual are doing their best, but I also suspect that they aren't being overly loving. They're following protocol and that's about it. Obviously, that's my assumption, but I want you to think about fear in your own life, particularly as it has pertained to other people...

If homeless people, let's say, creep you out, chances are you aren't going to actively seek an opportunity to assist them. If you're afraid of people carrying diseases like AIDs, you're probably avoiding them, not reaching out in love. You see, our fears hinder us from doing His will. What's His will? You might be asking. Well, that's simple, it's unity. He wants all things united in Christ and if you are a believer, you're supposed to be helping bring people to the Kingdom. You can't do that if you're afraid.

There are other issues within our brothers and sisters that we fear, things that they are doing that we somehow think will rub off on us. We fear drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals, etc. Why? Jesus wouldn't have. He didn't let sin, or illness, scare Him away, He didn't let fear into His life, period. Nope, He approached the despised, the outcast, and He offered them love that healed!

Listen, friends, it's high time we took Paul's, "to live is Christ and to die is gain," attitude. We'll do a lot more for the Kingdom, and push toward achieving His will, if we do. So, don't fear Ebola or any of these other things you are seeing in the news, the Scriptures tell us that they are bound to happen. Instead, look for all the opportunities He places before you each and every day. Shine the light, even to the infected. Remember, sin is a disease that leads to death too.

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