Friday, March 28, 2014

Our children will be slaves

When looking for something to write about, this piece of news caught my eye. Now, the article is extremely short as I suspect it's more of a snippet about the photo found on the page, however there's one line in there that is particularly poignant. So much so that I am better off quoting it so that you get the gist, "One of the worst droughts in California history has prompted the state and federal governments to severely cut water supplies to farms and cities..." Here's the thing, I suspect a good deal of people will breeze right on past that to what the author intended as the focus, the potential for gold discovery due to depleted waterways providing access to previously too deep riverbeds. In fact, if you read the first few comments you'll find instructions on proper panning and gold claim techniques rather than utter disgust with the governmental ability to cut water supplies! Which, by the way, you'll note that farms were getting cut first; that's just moronic! Let's cut our ability to grow food but make sure the decorative fountains still work!

I wonder, pretty frequently (especially since it was my propensity toward conspiracy theorizing that 
led me back to Faith), why we stand idly by and allow our government, that was supposed to be for the people, by the people, to control our every move. They are allowed to spy on us, via phone taps and website analyzing (or the like - I try to avoid getting into all the theories these days); they're forcing us to purchase health insurance or else be fined, they are creating a world in which Christian organizations/businesses must shut down in order to maintain integrity! Not that I'm complaining about the fact that we are moving closer to the return of the Savior, but I am bothered by our complacency as a nation and even more so as a body of believers. I think we waste our time arguing about movies (look at all the face-time on Facebook about Noah, God's Not Dead and the Son of God) rather than trying to fulfill our calls. Yes, we are all called, we are indeed here for a purpose and I suspect it is far greater than the Siskel and Ebert positions we are currently embracing (though these stances are tremendously safer than preaching the Gospel so that everyone hears).

I don't know about you, but I'm certainly not too keen on having my water rationed by a government I don't trust any farther than I can kick them (I played soccer, but I don't think I'd get too far with that massive conglomerate of evil). I guess I just needed to vent about how irritated I am over the control we are allowing ourselves to succumb to. I don't need a government telling me how to do anything and I certainly don't want them determining that I have used too much water to bathe my children. It just makes me want, all the more, to build a recycled home that is totally off the grid, our own well and rain water collection set-ups. Yeah, sometimes I think that's the answer, the further I can get away from control, the more I can focus on what matters (maybe). Anyway, I hope you'll consider what you're handing over to them, what you're allowing them to dictate for you because our children will really be slaves if we don't do something soon!